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Best Haircuts for Your Face Shape.

Best haircuts for men? Here’s how to decide your perfect hairstyle based on the shape of your face.

Throughout our lives, we refine our style.

We develop the way we look and carry ourselves like any other skill. And like other skills, we improve this outward-facing version of ourselves all the time. Why, then, do we routinely ask our barber or hairstylist for the same haircut we’ve been getting for years, without a thought to why we started cutting it that way in the first place? Let us help you find the perfect men’s haircut to suit your style, a hairstyle for the face shape unique to you. Learn about the best haircut for your face shape below.

6 face shapes and their ideal hairstyles:

best haircuts for oval face shapes

Oval Face Shapes

Oval faces are a bit longer than they are broad. Your jaw tends to be narrower than your forehead, tapering down towards your chin. Those with an oval face have softer features in general, not as angular as some of the other face shapes.

Fortunately, oval faces are suited for most men’s haircuts.

The only advice we’d offer is to avoid bangs, they may make your head appear even rounder than it is when they cover your forehead.

best haircuts for round face shapes

Round Face Shapes

This face shape should be intuitive, the width of a round face will be roughly the same as the length. The sides of a round face also curve out slightly, like a circle.

Similarly, to the oval face, those with a round face want to offset that roundness. If possible, you should choose styles that make your face appear more angular. The best haircuts for men with round faces are those that are shorter on the sides and longer on the top, such as Pompadours or faux hawks. If you style your long hair on the top of your head for volume, your face appears less round.

best haircuts for square face shapes

Square Face Shapes

Square faces are very angular and stereotypically male. The jawline is distinct and sharp. The sides of a square face are straight and don’t tend to taper as they descend to the chin.

If you have a square face, you will look dapper with almost any short hairstyle. We encourage any type of haircut involving a fade or a buzz cut.

Because square faces already have pronounced angles, avoid men’s haircuts with center parts and any cut too perfectly styled.

best haircuts for heart face shapes

Heart Face Shapes

Much like a traditional drawing of a heart, the top of this face is wider than the bottom. In fact, heart-shaped faces usually have a prominent forehead, with a chin that is somewhat pointy.

To take some of the focus away from your forehead and perhaps create the illusion that your jawline is wider than it is, consider some bangs swept to the side.

With the same thinking in mind, keep your hair short, but not tight to the sides of your head. This will prevent your forehead from dominating, and you can add a little volume on top, making this style the best men’s haircut for men with a heart-shaped face.

best haircuts for oblong face shapes

Oblong Face Shapes

Oblong faces are drawn out and slim with straight sides and little difference in width from top to bottom.

Ideally, you want a men’s haircut that is medium to short length all around to offset your face length.

Your face is already on the longer side, don’t accentuate this with any additional height on top. Also, don’t go too short on the sides. Don’t overcomplicate your styling either, having your hair lay as it naturally would on your forehead can make your face appear shorter.

best haircuts for diamond face shapes

Diamond Face Shapes

For Diamond faced individuals, your cheekbones are the fullest part of your face. Unlike an oval face, your appearance is much more pointed and angular, with a narrow forehead and a chin leading to a point.

Diamond shaped faces are slightly unique and can be a little trickier to style appropriately. Swept bangs or a brushed-back style can help make your brow appear fuller. Men’s haircuts offering the ability to tuck your hair behind your ears are great for accentuating the diamond shape face. Layering and softer styles help to be a counterpoint for all the natural angles with this facial structure.

We all want to be comfortable in our own skin, or in this case our own hair.

We’ve all developed a style and look that gives us the most confidence when we are out and about in the world. It’s time to gain that same confidence with a haircut that suits your face. We know the best men’s haircuts for everyone and encourage you to come in and ask us for our advice. Contact us and we’ll craft the perfect hairstyle for you.