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Cut & Style
Weldon Signature
Hot Face Towel, Shampoo, Scalp Massage, Hot Towel Neck Shave etc.
Weldon Timesaver
Weldon Signature Buzz
Weldon Cleanup
Weldon Kid’s Cut

Weldon Signature Face Shave
Weldon Timesaver Face Shave
Weldon Signature Head Shave
Weldon Timesaver Head Shave

Color & Highlights
Color & Highlights
Customized just for you with natural-looking results that add structure to your haircut

Weldon Signature Wax

Gifts & Packages
Weldon Signature Cut & Shave
Weldon Signature Father & Son
Groomsmen Package:
With a party of 5 or more, the Groom will receive a Complimentary Weldon service of equal or lesser value than others in the wedding party. For parties of 4 or fewer, the Groom will receive a 50% discount.


Weldon Testimonials

We don’t like to brag, but we’ll let others do it for us.  Click the button to see the great things our customers have to say about us, and even leave your own testimonial!

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“I have been coming to the downtown Weldon since they opened. I think it’s the best barber in Seattle. My barber is incredible. Excellent barber and an overall super nice person.”


“Excellent experience! Friendly staff and great amenities. They’re my fave!”


“I have been a Weldon customer for two years and have visited three of their locations in that time. Each location has a different feel, but the quality of the cut and service has always been fantastic. I read one of the other reviews on this site and was really surprised to read a bad review about one of their barbers. She has been my stylist for about a year, and in fact, I first met her at the Issaquah location. I was recently in Spokane and made a specific point to go see her while I was in town because she is one of my all time favorite stylists. She always gives me a consistently great cut, she is very engaging and fun, and she always welcomes me as if I was an old friend. She has also been doing my “camo color” and it always is the right color and looks great when she is done. So, if you want a low budget, no frills cut, look somewhere else… but if you want to be treated like a man, given a little pampering, and come out looking and feeling like a million bucks, go to Weldon!”

David L

“This is an amazing place for a guy to get a haircut. The place is cool, comfortable/manly chairs, and they treat you like you are a friend when you walk in. They offer you a drink before taking you back for their “Signature” cut… 30 minutes of pampering perfection along with a great cut! My barber is the best stylist I have ever seen. Great cut and fun to talk to, and I would highly recommend Weldon!”


“The first impression is always the most important and mine with Weldon Barber will be hard to forget! I was in a wedding on September 1st in Spokane and needed a haircut. Naturally, I waited until the last moment to get it done. Weldon was the closest location to the grooms house and time was of the essence for me. When I arrived, there was a man cleaning something from in front of the doorway but I didn’t think anything of it. I went inside and was told that they actually weren’t open this day due to a robbery that happened the night before. The only gal there called the other shops to try and fit me in before the wedding. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any openings that would work. Much to my surprise though, and with a technically not open business shop she decided to make an exception and cut my hair anyway. She did a wonderful job, was very pleasant to talk to and wasted no time getting me in and out. I’m very grateful to the Weldon staff for saving the day!

I live in Coeur d’Alene, ID and will definitely make the drive to the 29th Ave location to get my haircut from now on. Thanks again!”




Our Story

We started Weldon in 2004 after my husband concluded that getting a high quality, consistent haircut combined with a great overall service experience was impossible. With a tendency to oftentimes explain things in relation to food he said, “guys want quality and appreciate it when a business is focused on quality and a total customer service experience. When it comes to haircuts for guys, there’s plenty of fast food and gimmicky sports bars but where’s the great steak house?”

So for ten years, our focus has been on delivering the highest quality haircut experience, every time. As we approach our one millionth haircut, we think we’ve got our “secret recipe” figured out and really, it’s not a secret at all. Since we started, our Barbers invented The Weldon Signature Haircut, designed our shops, created our services menu and defined the total “Weldon Experience” and of course, put their talent and care into every service. We believe that is how quality gets delivered.

CEO and Co-Founder 

Weldon Products

Weldon Barber has a complete line of top-quality Men’s grooming products, including Aveda, Jack Black, American Crew and Edwin Jagger.

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Downtown Seattle: (206) 441-2116
Issaquah: (425) 369-9910
Kirkland: (425) 828-0151
Mill Creek: (425) 337-5068
Valley – Spokane: (509) 456-8001
South Hill – Spokane: (509) 456-8998
North Spokane – Spokane: (509) 456-8992

Everything we do is for you, our customers. Over the years, feedback has helped us make Weldon what it is today. But were not done working to improve and are continuously looking for ways we can better serve you. Feel free to send us comments, praise, thoughts, suggestions, complaints, whatever!

And yes, we do read them and you’ll always get a reply.



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